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How Alaska Boarding Groups Work?

Before you start travelling with Alaska Airlines there are multiple things that you should know that can make the journey even more comfortable. The airline has boarding groups as well so you can avoid the long queues at the Airport and do not have to face any inconvenience. The Alaska boarding groups will prioritise the boarding and make this convenient and quick. You will be able to easily get through all difficulties and eventually make the journey comfortable.

How many boarding groups does Alaska Airlines have?

The Airline has multiple boarding groups with Alaska Airlines that can be booked. The Airline will assign you a boarding group according to the fare type, class, and route. We have mentioned each boarding group that the Airline provides so you can choose the one you prefer and make the boarding comfortable and free from all the inconveniences:

  • Preboarding Group: This boarding group is for people with disabilities who will be requiring help and time to board the flight. The family traveling with kids under the age of 2 or the members of the military will be added to this Preboarding group.
  • Priority Boarding: All those travelling with MVP Gold 100k will be assigned to this boarding group so they can get on the flight without any trouble.
  • Group A: All the members of Mileage Plan, Million Miler, MVP Gold 75K, and MVP Gold will be added to this group. The boarding group number will be provided with the boarding pass so they can board the flight without any inconvenience.
  • Group B: This group is for the Mileage Plan MVP members and guests in Premium Class seats. Once the boarding group is given, you can directly board the flight with a boarding pass without wasting much time.
  • Group C: People with a business card holder who book their flights with an Alaska Card and people with an Eligible Alaska Airlines Visa Signature can have the boarding group C and board the flight accordingly.
  • Group D: People who have reserved seats located in the back half of the aircraft will be assigned to this boarding group.
  • Group E: Guests in main seats that are located in the front of the aircraft will be a part of Group E.
  • Group F: Guests in Saver Seats will be assigned to Group F.

How does Alaska Airlines assign boarding groups?

The Airline lets you be a part of the boarding group, and most time, you cannot choose these groups as it is the Airline assigned them. There are some guidelines that the airline follows to assign these groups, as it will depend on the class, route, and Mileage plan you have bought from the airline. All these things will affect this, and you will accordingly be assigned to one of the suitable groups.

How does priority Group boarding with Alaska Airlines work?

Once you are a part of one of the priority boarding groups there are certain things guidelines you need to follow and take care of things that can let you get through the journey comfortably. The process to board the flight has been given below:

  • You need to reach out to the Airport helpdesk at least 2 hours before the domestic flight and 3 hours before the international flight to check in.
  • There are various documents that you need to carry to check in and then board the flight with Alaska Airlines.
  • The documents that should be carried include the flight ticket, VISA paper, government-approved identity card, passport, and any special status card you hold.
  • According to the boarding group, take the boarding pass and stand in a queue provided separately.

How can I get help from Alaska Airlines for boarding group?

You can ask for help from the customer service executives of the Airline by contacting them on the phone. This will be the most convenient way to connect with the help center, as the Airline will be the quickest to resolve your issues on call. You just have to dial 1 (800) 654-5669 the customer service phone number, and follow all the instructions. Press the key that is closely related to your issue, and the call will be forwarded to the concerned department. The representatives will listen to your problems and resolve them accordingly.

Conclusion: We have discussed and gone through all the details that will enlighten you about the boarding groups with Alaska Airlines. If you have more issues related to the flight journey, then you can navigate to the official website of Alaska Airlines. Any doubts related to the flight journey can be asked of the airline, and they will entertain you with available solutions to make the journey pleasant and comfortable.


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