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Does American Airlines Give Student Discount?

Are you a student willing to travel to your favourite destination? If yes, you would be glad to know that American Airlines provides a student discount covering approximately 350 destinations. To know more about the discount for college students at American Airlines then, you are requested to go through this post.

What does American airlines student discount means?

Most of the airlines offer flight tickets at affordable prices for their passengers. Do not be disappointed; America also has a discount plan for students. The airline acknowledges that being a student means it is not easy to manage ravelling across the world; hence, the airline has a student discount program that provides wings to a student who wishes to fly high. With the help of American Airlines student discount, you can get a 15-20% discount on normal flight tickets.

What is the policy for American Airlines student booking?

America Airlines offers various kinds of coupons, deals, and discounts through which a student can benefit. However, before purchasing the ticket from American Airlines, you are advised to read the policies of American Ailrines student discount:

  • After booking the American Airlines ticket, you will get 15-20% off on your purchase.
  • You need to be a member of the program named AAdvantage to receive the student discount.
  • The airlines will not provide the concession if your university/school is not noted in the student discount institution list.
  • The American Airlines will accept the request for the student discount only be accepted via the website of American Airlines or by talking with a customer service agent.

What are the requirements to get an American student discount?

Students studying abroad or attending seminars look for ways to get a discount on their flights. Fortunately, if you book an American Airlines flight, you will eventually get a discount. To get an american airines student discount, the following are the things which you will need:

  • If you require a discount on the flight fare and are a student, you must show a valid student ID.
  • To obtain the discount, you must register as an AA member.
  • The university in which you are studying must be certified.
  • The documents related to your school/college's name must be submitted to American Airlines.
  • To enjoy the American Airlines student discount benefits, your academic institution or school must be working in association with American Airlines.

What are the benefits that you get from a student discount on American Airlines?

If you are a student and book flights with American Airlines, you will get some perks and benefits as per the student discount program. If you have never heard of the benefits of student discounts, then below are the steps that you must carry out:

Low flight rate: Depending on the class of the flight, you will get a lower price of up to 15-20% on the original ticket fare.
Baggage allowance:  According to the student discount, you will be assigned one extra piece of baggage.
On-board amenities: As you get on the flight, the crew members will bring a few refreshments options to your seat, which you can choose according to your preferences.

How can I reserve a seat with American Airlines student discounts?

If you have decided to book your next ticket with Amerian Airlines under the Student discount program but are unaware of the procedure for booking it, then you need not worry. In the following steps, you will know a step-by-step guide to the seat service process:

1. Through the website

2. Through call

Through the website

By visiting the website of American Airlines you can secure the seat with the support of a student discount. Take a look at these:

  • Naviagte through the official website of American Airlines.
  • Go to the booking section and fill in all the itineraries.
  • Search for flights giving a student discount.
  •  Afterward, pick the one that is a fit for you.
  • Pay the amount and book the tickets.
  • Soon, you will receive the e-ticket via email.

2. Through call

American Airlines has a helpline number that solves all the queries and concerns related to the flight. The customer service agent was well-trained and qualified to provide you with the answers to your respective questions. To book the seat with a student discount, you can dial 1 (800) 433 73300 according to your suitable timings.


To sum up, there is an Airlines that proposes a student discount, especially for those students who are a frequent flyer and want to save money as well. Hopefully, after reading the aforementioned information you will be able to have a student discount readily. Moreover, if you have any difficulty, buzz at their helpline number.


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