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Avianca Cancellation Policy & Refunds

Avianca Airlines is a Colombia-based national air carrier flying to over 25 countries. Are you worried and do not want to use the Avianca flights anymore? Avianca Airlines understands your situation, allowing the smooth cancellation process before departure. Whenever any unwanted situations occur, and you cannot continue the Avianca flights till any updates, you have the option of ticket cancellation. But, flight denial is sometimes based on cancellation charges and you must check it before refusing the tickets. To overcome cancellation fees, you should go with the correct terms and conditions, which are crucial for ticket cancellations at Avianca Airlines.

What Are the Various Rules Related to Avianca Airlines Ticket Cancellations?

You can swiftly go for the ticket cancellation options at Avianca Airlines by choosing the appropriate rules. To learn about the Avianca cancellation policy in detail, you should carefully follow the detailed instructions. Also, the cancellation policy will help you know the exact charges and how to minimise the cancellation cost.

  • When you have availed of the business or XXL fare types tickets,  you can cancel your confirmed tickets 24 hours before the original plane take-off time.
  • While cancelling the Avianca tickets, the deduction may be applicable in line, depending on the country where flight services are denied.
  • Depending on the time of cancellation, you will receive full or partial refunds from Avianca Airlines.
  • You can request the cancellation of the Avianca tickets purchased in Colombia and El Salvador, and the corresponding charge will be applied only as per the conditions.
  • Suppose any unplanned events occur in the form of death in your family members or severe illness; you can cancel your Avianca Airlines tickets at no additional amounts and apply for the refunds with the submission of original medical documents.
  • Similarly, when Avianca Airlines denied boarding its plane because of an uncontrolled natural cause, you cannot claim any refunds after ticket cancellation.
  • But you can rebook your Avianca tickets again to any new date for the same destination and class at no extra cost.
  • Further, when your tickets are cancelled because of Avianca problems, you will receive the full refunds within 7 to 10 office days as per the policy.

How Can I Cancel Avianca Airlines Flight Tickets from the Official Website?

By going online, you have the flexible option of cancelling Avianca Airlines tickets, and you can refuse confirmed tickets anytime. Moreover, you can also focus on the following online steps, which can be used for ticket cancellations.

  • Open the Avianca Airlines official website:
  • Go with the Manage Your Booking menu options.
  • Log in to your accounts using the available email and passwords to retrieve the booking information.
  • Otherwise, click on the change or refund button.
  • It would be best if you now filled in your last name and booking reference code to get the flight tickets.
  • When the tickets are open, you can click on the cancellation button.
  • While cancelling the tickets, the applicable cancellation fees will be deducted.
  • Thus, Avianca Airlines tickets can be cancelled through online procedures.

How Do You Cancel Avianca Airlines Tickets Using the Phone?

You Can Also Call the Avianca Airlines Customer Executives and Ask Them to Cancel Your Confirmed Air Tickets. First Call the Avianca Airlines Contact Number 1 (866) 919-0081 and Share Your Booking Reference Code and Surname with the Available Agents. Avianca Live Representatives Will Cancel Your Air Tickets and Inform You About the Applied Cancellation Charges on the Same Call. You Can Ask About the Refunds After the Ticket Cancellation from the Avianca Airlines Customer Representatives on the Call.

Is It Possible to Cancel Avianca Airlines Tickets at the Airport?

Yes,  when you do not know the online ways or cannot connect with any Avianca executives over the Phone for ticket cancellation, you are suggested to visit the nearest Airport. After reaching the Airport where Avianca flights generally operate, you can meet the helpdesk counters and ask them to cancel your tickets. Airport representatives will first verify your surname and confirmation code from their systems. Airport executives will finally help you with Avianca ticket cancellation at some applicable charges, which will be deducted, and the remaining amounts will be credited to you.

Can I Get Full Refunds After Avianca Ticket Cancellations?

Yes, according to the policy, you can get full refunds from Avianca Airlines only in some cases. Before claiming any refunds from Avianca Airlines, you should check eligibility or contact customer agents to inquire about the same. Full refunds at Avianca do not fit all situations, and cancellation charges may incurred while denying its services.

Therefore, you can refer to the Avianca Airlines ticket cancellation guidelines and the correct process to cancel the confirmed flight service.


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