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How do I check my PNR status for Vistara?

Vistara Airlines has an operating route to distinct domestic and international destinations. When you choose to travel with the airline, then you can get many pre and post-flight benefits. Further, a booking conducted by the airline is ambiguous and could be affected at the moment. So reformed details about the booking can be availed by checking a PNR status. Furthermore, if you are blank about performing such a task, then glance at the bottom titles.

check my PNR status for Vistara?

When you wish to know the current status of the purchased ticket from Vistara Airlines then inspecting its PNR status could offer such information. Moreover the details about those options have been written at the bottom.

Call to Vistara Airlines

One of the apposite manners of receiving updated information on an itinerary is approaching an airline customer service over a call. Further, you could share any required details, and the airline could share the information. For that dial Vistara's phone number +61 130 003 2802 and then select the check PNR status option from the IVR menu.

Check status online

When you are having trouble connecting with the airline, then you can use online modes, too. This way, you can examine the details on your own, and the ways to do that are stated underneath:-

  • Go to Vistara Airlines official web page
  • After that, choose the “manage my booking” options
  • Now, submit your PNR number with the last name
  • On the next tab, you can get an updated information about airfare
  • Besides this, any changes or add-ons can also be made through these modes.

Where can I find the PNR number on Vistara Airlines?

A PNR is referred to as a “Passenger Name Record” and consists of 6 digits of alphanumeric characters. So, when you prepare a traveling plan with Vistara Airlines, then you can gain a PNR number after booking confirmation. Further, the method to get this number has been displayed at the bottom.

Register phone number

A booking procedure of Vistara Airline asks for personal details, and that includes a contact number. So, the number that you have shared with the airline could receive a confirmation text that comprises the PNR number, flight number, and other booking information.

Check an email

Nowadays, the completion of the reservation process is incomplete without sharing an email address. It is because you can airline share every notification over there that involves booking information. Further, when you are having a hard time tracing its PNR, then check a shared email ID with the airline mail.

What are the benefits of PNR numbers in Vistara Airlines?

A PNR number in Vistara Airlines signifies particular about passengers. When you are in possession of this number, then you can conduct several things that are as follows:-

  • Change name, date, and flight
  • Cancel a booking 
  • Request for a refund
  • Choose a seat in advance
  • For performing a check-in

Final Thought

The context stated above could provide a way to check my PNR status for Vistara. Furthermore, if your confusion didn't get cleared by going through the above, then speak with customer service and find a resolution.


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