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How Can I Contact Frontier at Las Vegas Airport?

Las Vegas is one of the prevalent destinations in the US after New York City, Miami and Los Angeles. It offers luxurious treatment and casino hotels, contemporary architecture, lights, and wide attractive places to attract tourists. One of the famous airlines that operates at Las Vegas Airport is Frontier. You can contact the airport by dialing +1800 864 8331 for any inquiries about the airport and enjoy the service without any hesitation. There are other considerable techniques available, which are clarified below:

  • Las Vegas Airport Address: Terminal 35757 Wayne Newton Blvd, Las Vegas, in the USA.
  • Las Vegas airport phone number: + 1800 864 8331
  • Airport official email ID:
  • Frontier head office address: 4545 Airport Way, Denver, USA.
  • Head office phone number: +1801404 9000
  • Working hours: Monday to Sunday (24 hours)
  • Official website of Frontier:

Amenities offered at Frontier Airlines Las Vegas Terminal:

  • You can get the reservation facilities and flight information by adding meals, cancelling your ticket, wifi in-flight information, and related knowledge.
  • On-boarding facilities and duty-free allowance to be on a flight without any complexity.
  • You can wait in their restroom and enjoy WIFI, cozy lounges, immigration services, and facilities, which make your trip more relaxing.
  • They have satisfied customer support who will provide comprehensive services and prioritise your experiences.

Routes to contact Frontier Terminal Las Vegas:

Via phone number: You can contact Frontier by visiting their airport counter, otherwise, you can just make a call to Frontier Las Vegas contact number, which is +1800 864 8331. It is the most common way to get any person in Frontier who will assist you and help you with all the matters you are facing so far. You can also share your experiences to remove obstacles and improve the facilities.

Via Email: You can also contact Frontier by their email address. To draft an email, you have to write all your information on a notepad, also, you can attach your ticket print to address your concerns. You can make a complaint about any amenities at Frontier Terminal Las Vegas that make your journey inconvenient. You can send messages to, where any matter can be solved without any effort.

Via Airport address: You can also contact them by meeting a person in real to make yourself comfortable in front of them. You can check the website details for details and knowledge.

What terminal is Frontier at Las Vegas?

Frontier Airlines mostly operates from Terminal 3, which is the international and biggest terminal in Las Vegas. It provides convenience and comfort to the passengers to get domestic or abroad flights without waiting so much. Frontier Las Vegas terminal is popular for smooth and enjoyable experiences for passengers. If you don't want to miss the flight and get any information, you have to reach the airport 2 hours before departing which provides enough time to make conversation with an agent or your boarding procedure swift. You can also get your baggage allowance done before the time and enjoy the amenities at Las Vegas.


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