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How Do I Know My Boarding Group Delta?

Delta flights are boarded on a daily basis by a number of passengers hence the airline has maintained a specific sequence and priority order to maintain decorum and let travellers board flights without facing any inconvenience. The airline has also maintained different Delta boarding groups to ease the process. However, there is much confusion regarding the boarding groups among passengers, and they often struggle to obtain information regarding their groups. If you are also confused about your Delta boarding group, then you can refer to the detailed procedure given below to confirm your respective boarding group. Also travellers must take note of the Delta flight boarding terms and conditions elaborately described in the forthcoming section.

The Process to Check the Boarding Group:

Once travellers check in for their Delta flights, they will be handled boarding pass that specifies the boarding group passengers are part of. If travelers are still not sure of their group number, they can seek help from the airport representative. It must be noted that based on the boarding group number travellers will be allowed to board respective Delta flights.

Important Terms and Conditions for Delta Boarding Groups:

The following important policies and boarding group terms and conditions must be followed by the travellers holding Delta tickets:

  • Travellers must strictly take care of their boarding group number to avoid creating a mess at the airport.
  • Travelers have the option to upgrade their boarding if they pay additional charges and have a valid reason for upgradation.
  • Silver Medallion members of Delta Airlines must note that they will not be allowed to have dedicated boarding in particular regions,  therefore, they must cross-check with Delta airlines in advance about their boarding status and group number.

What Are the Different Boarding Groups on Delta Airlines:

Delta Airlines allows passengers to board their flights on priority based on the set eligibility. If you are not familiar with the information, then you can refer to the following important boarding Zones offered by Delta Airlines. You must make sure that you are qualifying the eligibility for boarding on a priority basis. Also, it must be noted that the hierarchy given below is to be followed to board the Delta flights.

  • Pre-Boarding Group: This is the first group that is allowed to board the Delta flights. Those travelers who require assistance to board a flight or have any disability and consume extra time for flight boarding, such as those passengers who are traveling in a wheelchair, are usually given this group.  Even those passengers who hold active US military identity can board a flight in this group.
  • First class and Delta one boarding Group:  This group is reserved for elite status members. If you are a first-class or Delta one ticket holder, you will be part of this Delta boarding group.
  • Diamond Medallion Members Group: As the name suggests, all Delta Medallion members are boarded as this group. No matter which Medallion status among diamonds, platinum, Gold, or silver you hold, you will be part of this group.
  • Delta Premium Select Boarding Group: All those passengers who have purchased Delta select, or those who are traveling with car seats or strollers can be part of this boarding group.
  • Delta Comfort Plus Boarding Group: It is quite clear from the name that Delta Comfort Plus members are part of this boarding group. 
  • Sky Priority boarding Group: This boarding group of Delta Airlines comprises Gold and platinum Medallion members and Flying blue gold and platinum members.
  • Cabin Zone Group: There are generally three cabins on Delta flights. Silver Medallion members, Delta corporate travelers, Delta sky miles holders having Gold and Platinum reserve, American Express card members, Flying Blue silver members, and other elite members are part of the Main Cabin 1 group. Main cabin customers are part of Cabin 2, whereas Main cabin travelers who have booked tickets using T, X, and V fares are part of Main Cabin 3.
  • Basic Economy Group:  This is considered to be the last boarding group of Delta airlines. All those travelers who are traveling to any destination via Delta airlines and have made reservations in economy travel class are part of this boarding group.

Can Priority Groups Be Changed on Delta Airlines?

Yes, travellers have the right and possibility to upgrade their boarding groups. They have the option to purchase comfort plus seats on Delta Airlines to board their aircraft early. Apart from this, they also have the alternative to purchase American Express cards. They will have additional benefits like skipping gate bag check in and boarding flights on a priority basis. It is also a great way to double miles and enjoy several other linked important benefits.


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