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How Do I Connect to Flyfi?

JetBlue makes every effort to comfort its passengers and ensure they land to their destination on time, being fully relaxed and entertained. Making an extra effort in the same direction, the airline has equipped all its planes with high-speed WIFI services popularly known as Flyfi. All travellers can make use of JetBlue WIFI services free of cost. However, there are many travellers who are not aware of the procedure to connect with Flyfi. If you have also made a JetBlue flight reservation and are curious to know the process to  Connect to flyfi then you can read the detailed information provided in the section given in the following section.

The Procedure to Connect with Jetblue Flyfi:

Those travellers who wish to get connected with JetBlue wife services but are unaware of the procedure need to follow a set of online instructions to get connected instantly. The steps mentioned below clarify the procedure to get connected with JetBlue:

  • Begin the process by opening the WIFI setting of the device you wish to connect with JetBlue WIFI.
  • Explore all WIFI networks available and select "Fly-Fi" from the available options.
  • If you are not displayed the Fly-Fi option, then you must turn on and off the airplane mode of your device.
  • Now, they must navigate to the website via your browser.
  • You will be displayed certain online instructions on the screen that you are expected to follow.
  • You will be connected once you follow all the instructions.

What Can Be Done Via Flyfi?

JetBlue Flyfi services can be taken into use for multiple reasons according to the passenger's need or mood. Users can make use of JetBlue FlyFi for the following purposes:

  • For streaming online movies or TV.
  • For listening to music.
  • For working, like creating documents, sending emails, etc.
  • For watching Netflix or Amazon Videos.
  • For dropping messages.
  • For chatting with friends or known people.
  • To check the airline's current status.
  • Fr watching News, etc.

What Can Be Done If Flyfi Does Not Work?

There are many travelers who have common problems of connectivity issues with JetBlue wifi services. If you are also struggling with this Flyfi issue, then you can refer to the suggestions given below to resolve this problem:

  • Users must keep their device in air plane mode to make use of this facility.
  • Once their device is connected to the Flyfi network, they must manually type in "" via their browser.
  • When you are navigated to flyfi webpage, you need to continue as a guest, or you can log in to your JetBlue account.
  • You need to accept the terms and conditions displayed to use flyfi.
  • If you are still facing difficulty connecting with Flyfi, then you must try clearing all cache, cookies, and browsing history of your device.
  • If you are using Flyfi from an Apple device and your connection is lost in between, then you need to head to the settings section and select the "Auto-join" option.

Does Jetblue Charge Any Cost to Connect with Flyfi?

No, Flyfi services are supported by JetBlue, absolutely free if charge. Customers are not required to pay additional charges for using this important service. This facility is already included in passenger tickets. Nearly all domestic flights and even most international JetBlue flights are equipped with Flyfi services. The WIFI coverage area might change according to the type of selected flight and route of travel.

How Can Travellers Resolve Flyfi Reduce Speed Issues?

There are many travellers who frequently receive a popup stating, "Your activity is causing reduced speed."  This is a user exception and is caused by to negligence of the customer. Popular cause of this problem and the ways to get rid of it are as follows:

  • If customers use WIFI services for downloading or upgrading the software of their device.
  • If large applications are downloading in the background.
  • If customers are frequently testing internet speed.

Ways to get rid of reduced speed issues:

Some common fixes that can resolve your Flyfi speed issues instantly are:

  • Customers must turn off all the applications downloading in the background.
  • They must close or exit from the browser window.
  • Software downloads must be stopped or turned off so that the speed of JetBlue WIFI resumes to normal.

Conclusion: After going through the details provided above, your doubt, "Does Jetblue have wifi?" must have been clarified. You can make use of this amazing facility for multiple purposes already mentioned above. If they still feel any confusion connecting with WIFI services, they can seek assistance from an available representative. Travellers must keep one thing in mind: service might not be available every time as there can be fluctuations due to weather or other external factors.


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