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Indigo Web Check-In Boarding Pass Download.

After booking a flight ticket with Indigo the passenger must go through the security checks and other check-in formalities. To save time and avoid the long queue, they use a web check-in medium. It is one of the fastest and best ways to complete this process and they need to download the boarding pass.  Before that, it is crucial that they are fully aware of the process to do it. However, there are numerous mediums available for check-in at Indigo. If you need assistance with the same then contact the customer service representative and they will help you with your concerns. We will provide you with detailed information about the process in the article highlighted below.

How to Download a Web Check-In Boarding Pass in Indigo?

After completing the web check-in at Indigo, if you want to print the boarding pass, then it is easy to do so. You need to visit the official website and then click on the Check-in option. Now, you can just tap on the boarding pass option. Fill out the details and then select the Print option. However, it is optional to print the boarding as you can download it from the Indigo website.

How Do I Check in at Indigo?

There are numerous ways to check in at Indigo, and you can pick the method that is convenient for you. For the check-in modes, you will be enlightened with the complete guidance in the article below.

Use the Online Process for Check-In:

You can use the web check-in process. It is one of the most influential and swift ways, and you need to obey the instructions described below.

  • Access to the official web link of Indigo.
  • On the homepage, you will see the check-in option.
  • After you click on that option, it will move to the next tab. Fill out the booking reference code and last name of the passenger in the following section.
  • Now, scroll down and tap on the web check-in link.
  • Once you complete the procedeure the airline will send the verfication text on your email or mobile phone.

Check-in at Indigo by using the calling process:

If you are looking for an alternative way to check in, then use the phone call medium. It is one of the most effectual and fastest ways. You need to dial 0124-6173838 the customer support number. After making the call, follow the steps noted below:

  • The call will be forwarded to the computer's automated voice.
  • It will assist you with the IVR menu. Select the option depending on the query.
  • The call will be directed to the customer support executive.
  • They will guide you in handling the queries.

Utilize the kiosk machine for check-in:

You can also check in through the kiosk machine. Visit the airport, where you can make a reservation with Indigo. In the machine, enter the number of passengers and the booking code. Click on the continue option and then select the Print My Boarding Pass link.

Visit the airport for check-in:

To check in at Indigo, you can go to the airport. At the helpdesk submit the documents such as ticket, ID proof, and a copy of the passport visa and other required papers. After verifying all the documents, the customer service agent will provide the boarding pass.

What Are the Check-In Policies of Indigo?

The airline set some rules for check-in so that during the journey you do not encounter any issues. Indigo check-in policies are given below:

  • The passenger can check in 48 to 24 hours before through the online process.
  • If the passenger changes the flight after the check-in, the airline will charge a higher amount for it.
  • If you make a group reservation with Indigo, you are not allowed to check in online.
  • You need to check in at least 3 hours before the departure if you book an international flight.
  • The passenger must check-in approximately 2 hours before the departure on the domestic flight.
  • If you add any services during the check-in, you need to pay additional fees.
  • The passenger in business class will get priority check-in.
  • Before checking in at Indigo, you must read all the rules and regulations carefully.
  • The passenger can make a web check-in or call the customer service representative of the airline for check-in.

Conclusion: With the aid of the mediums that were noted earlier, you can check in at Indigo Airlines. You also need to go through all the terms and conditions for it to avoid problems while traveling. If you have any questions for the same then you can contact the customer support agent or use the official web link of Indigo. The executive will resolve all the issues.


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