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How Can I Select a Seat on Southwest Airlines?

Southwest is categorised as a low-cost carrier in the states. While it is an economical airline, that raises speculations about the inadequacy of the facilities and the journey being possible with the adjustments. But this is just a mere assumption because here, you can render each service that can be used for highlighting experience, and selection is included in it. Further, you can learn more details about this by going through the subheading.

How Can I Select a Seat on Southwest Airlines?

Travelling with Southwest Airlines with the preferred seat could add comfort to your journey. If you are having issues with picking seats on Southwest, then look at the bottom topic.

Make a call to select a seat

An airline custom service team could also provide an aid for getting a seat. Furthermore, this is a stress less procedure, and you can book your seat by sharing the required requirements. So, Southwest contact number for seat selection is 1 (800) 435-9792.

Reserve a seat via online modes

One more way to add a necessary seat to the existing reservation is online. Here, you can recognize each piece of information and make a decision accordingly. Thus, the hint for southwest seat selection is mentioned at the bottom steps:-

  • Get to the Southwest official site
  • Now, choose the “manage reservation” option from the homepage
  • On the next tab, type your booking reference number with the first and last name
  • Then after, choose seat options and get a seat from the map
  • Later, pay the cost with any of the available sources and click on the finish icon

What is Southwest Airlines'seat selection policy?

A seat from the Southwest can be purchased by recognizing its policy. It is because they contain terms and conditions for getting a seat. So, you can identify those regulations from the bottom points:-

  • A seat can be picked if a space is available.
  • If you are travelling with an infant or are categorised as an unaccompanied minor, then you cannot choose a seat near the emergency exit rows.
  • A seat should be picked prior to the check-in. If you wish to get one after checking in, you get to conduct check-in again.
  • The cost paid for seats is nonrefundable. So, if you can cancel your fare afterwards, then you cannot get your money back.
  • If you hold an elite status in the airline, then you might get a complementary seat from the airline.

How much does it cost to choose a seat on Southwest?

The cost of getting a seat on Southwest is dependent on the fare type as well as the cabin. However, the price for a seat selection on Southwest could be $50 to $140. If you have any premium status, then you can have it as a complementary.

Furthermore, you can eliminate queries like how to select seats on Southwest, and if you are left with a similar one, then you can get through their customer service for answers.


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