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Book Flights During the Southwest $29 Sale with Flightsforu

Are you planning a last-minute trip to Memorial Day Gateway or is it a family trip? Southwest Airlines has announced the most awaited promotional sales with wide discounted routes and exciting offers. The airline has shared the promotion on its website for April to May. It is a perfect sale where the one-way would cost as low as $29.

Southwest $29 sales- Quick Highlights

The $ 29 sale can be booked from the end of March; no promotion code applies. So Hurry Up!

The eligible routes included in the sales are flights within 48 contiguous United States between April 9 and June 5.

The sale flights to international destinations and travel to and from Puerto Rico, San Huan are available between April 9 and June 5 and August 20 and October 2 for passengers planning a gateway later.

The only blackout date is Tuesday, September 3, for San Juan and international flights. Besides, book the flight at least 21 days before the flight to get the lowest discount possible.

The lowest advertisement price is $69 for the sale. Here are some routes along with ticket prices in the sales:

  • Honolulu to Kona: $29
  • New York- LaGuardia to Nashville: $ 50
  • Denver to Salt Lake City: $50
  • Raleigh- Durhan to Orlando: $51
  • Albouquerque toPhoenix : $59
  • Burbank to Las Vegas: $64

You can also redeem the Rapid Rewards points. For example, the Honolulu to Kona flights mentioned cost around 1390 points and an additional $5.60 as government taxes and fees.

Southwest Airlines keeps introducing various promotional sales and offers on its website that greatly benefit you. If the Southwest $29 sale doesn't suit your requirements or is not achievable, you can always use the Southeast Airlines low fare calendar to get the cheapest days to book your ticket.

Southwest Low-Fare Calendar

The Southwest Airlines low fare calendar helps you find the best day when the ticket is cheapest from the particular range of dates. In case you want to get the cheapest flight ticket with Southwest, here are the steps you can follow to use the low-fare calendar of the airline:

  • Visit the Southwest Airlines website and go to the booking page
  • Provide the departure, arrival destination, range of dates, number of passengers, search for booking
  • On the new page, you will get ticket prices for each day for the month or dates you selected
  • Choose the best and cheapest day, and you can proceed with the booking
  • Provide passengers information and follow the general booking procedure to complete the booking

Other ways to get Cheap deals with Southwest Airlines

Book in Advance: This is the best way to get cheaper ticket prices with Southwest Airlines. One should always have a buffer and book a ticket 3-4 months in advance. Everyone knows tickets booked in advance are always cheaper than the last minute. Besides, you have enough time to explore the deals and offers and change your plan for free if required.

Sign up for Newsletter: If you are waiting for the Southwest $29 sale or similar sales, the best thing to do is subscribe to the Southwest Airlines newsletter. Doing this will notify you of upcoming offers and price alerts.

Compare travel websites: Before you book any flight, you must always compare the tickets on various travel websites. Every travel website's ticket prices might differ, and some may offer better deals than others.

Use an incognito or private search engine: When you search for the same ticket repeatedly, the airlines, with the help of cookies, keep track of your search, and there is a chance the ticket prices you see next time will be higher. In that case, you are advised to use an Incognito or a private search engine and keep your searches confidential.

Best day to book: Tuesday is considered the cheapest day to fly because most of the sales are launched on Tuesday, and it is also the week's mid-day. You can consider flying on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for the best ticket prices. Moreover, avoid booking flights on weekends, as the demand and ticket prices are high.

Conclusion: The information above updates you about the Southwest $29 sale and routes where you can get the deals. You can also use other methods to get the best ticket prices with Southwest Airlines. Moreover, if you have questions or need more details, talk to Southwest Airlines customer service directly or visit the airline's official website.


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