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Which terminal is Alaska at SFO?

If you have a booking with Alaska Airlines you must board your flight at San Francisco Airport. Then, arranging the services might be difficult online with the airline website. Therefore, to avoid such hurdles, you must get through with the Airport help-desk assistant services, which will provide complete assistance and guidance. Thus, you must visit the airport site page in matters like the Alaska Airlines terminal sfo from this section; you can conveniently gather the available airline terminal services and furthermore references to get for the airline and other important facilities.

Alaska Airlines is located in Terminal 2 D Gates. In addition for international Terminal A Gates.

Hence, if you need to gather more information about San Francisco Airport helpdesk services and facilities, then you are supposed to go by the following passage because from here, you will conveniently get customer service phone numbers and other airport contact information. Rather than this, you can also use the following section to get the phone numbers for different departments and other essential ways.

Contact numbers at San Francisco Airport: A phone number is the most convenient communication option for customers. If you need assistance with different airport services, please use the following passage points for the best reference.

  • San Francisco Airport contact number - 650-821-8211
  • San Francisco Airport lost and found - 650-821-7014
  • Lost and Found at the San Francisco airport checkpoint - 650-821-8211.
  • Alaska Airlines helpdesk telephone number at SFO Airport - 650-763-5146
  • TSA Precheck enrollment center - 650-266-1900
  • San Francisco Airport baggage storage and travel services - 650-877-0422.

Therefore, the following contact numbers will help you connect with the customer service representatives from different departments at San Francisco Airport to get immediate help. 

San Francisco Airport office address: As a traveller of Alaska Airlines, you can visit the airport help-desk directly. For this, you need to have the office address of that airport, and for this point, you need to use the information on the airport address (San Francisco, CA 94128). 

Mailing address at San Francisco Airport:

San Francisco International Airport

PO Box 8097

San Francisco, CA 94128-8097.


Contact Us form at San Francisco Airport - If your call isn't answered, you have been given the best option of dropping your message through the contact form at San Francisco Airport. You will have to visit the airport's official website and then proceed to the contact page, where you will find the form tab. Select and complete the form along with the necessary information, and at last, tap over the submit button, and you will get help in the next 24 hours. 

Customer service hours at San Francisco Airport - The San Francisco Airport help-desk experts are available for airline assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Furthermore, when you proceed with the help-desk assistant services, you will find the guide quite conveniently. 

Lost and Found online form at San Francisco Airport - In circumstances where you seek the basic information on lost and found, you can use the email address ( or Or else, on the official website of San Francisco Airport, you can see the form for this reference, and you will be able to fill out the necessary details and proceed accordingly to report general luggage queries.

How Many Terminals Does Sfo Airport Have?

At San Francisco Airport, there are four terminals and seven concourses that are arranged in a way with 115 gates alphabetically. Moreover, Alaska Airlines is using "T 2 D" for the arrival and departure of international as well as domestic flights, and in case to gather more information reference to the terminal then, you have the option to visit the terminal section of San Francisco Airport and you will be able to get appropriate information.

How Early Should I Arrive at Sfo Airport?

If you have a flight to board for Alaska Airlines and have chosen San Francisco Airport, you should note that you have to arrive at the airport as soon as possible, which depends on the flight's scheduled departure. Thus, in matters like this, if you have a domestic flight to catch, then arrive at the airport in 60 to 90 minutes. In addition, international flights arrive at the airport 2-3 hours before the scheduled departure.

Henceforth, suppose you want to gather more subtle information about the San Francisco Airport airline services. In that case, you have the only way then, which is to visit the official website of SFO airport. Under the contact page, you will be referring to different contact channels, can quickly go on with the contact options, and receive help quite conveniently.


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